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Merging Documents

... Click and print your closing documents 

Power Closer exports over 800 items of information for merging into your Word and WordPerfect forms.

Power Closer creates signature blocks for you automatically

You can enter up to 18 seller entities and up to 28 signatories per entity. That might be a partnership of corporations, for example, or a decedent's estate. Power Closer automatically creates a single item of merge data for all the sellers' names (to appear at the top of the Deed, for example) and an item of merge data for the entire sellers' signature block (for the bottom of the Deed). You can see and edit these items in all versions of Power Closer. Behind the scenes, Power Closer also creates twenty other items of merge data for your sellers, including specific information for each of the first four seller entities.

A complete list of merge fields is provided as a Sample Form. You can cut and paste these fields into your documents to create your own merge forms.

Power Closer helps you with the merge process

You can set up Power Closer to merge in a variety of scenarios to suit your own personal preferences. A typical three-step scenario looks like this:


Open a closing in Power Closer and export its merge data.


Power Closer optionally creates a special folder just for this closing's documents.

Power Closer automatically opens your forms folder on the Windows desktop.


Double click to select a form. It comes up in your word processor.

If you are using Word, the document is ready to edit or print. If you are using WordPerfect, it is linked to data and ready to merge.


Optionally save the customized document in the closing folder that Power Closer created for you.

Creating forms is easy to understand

Our users generally take forms they already have or that they get from their title company or professional organization, and paste Power Closer merge fields into them. 

We think you will be pleased

You can become as ambitious as you like in automating documents. Enthusiasm is warranted. On the other hand, document automation has historically been notoriously complicated. Simply put, we must all learn to walk before we can run.

And so we recommend that you start by automating a couple of simple standard forms and use them. Consider the time it took to develop the forms, and the time you are saving by using them. With that in mind, you can be somewhat judicious in developing and maintaining your library of forms, and you will have started developing a degree of expertise that you can use in other areas as well. 

You may be pleasantly surprised by the results you can produce with a modest effort using the instructions provided.

Technical note

We recommend that users install a software update to at least Power Closer 3.2.30 because it contains important enhancements to Power Closer's merge capability, including many important new merge fields. Users of Power Closer Jr. would need to upgrade to Power Closer Standard to use the merge feature.

For more information

For more information, users of the paid product should click on the Power Closer Sample Forms shortcut on your desktop, or open the forms folder located in the program folder, normally found at C:\P-Closer\Sample Word Processing Forms.

There you will find example forms. Click on a form, and it will come up in Word or WordPerfect with the information from whatever closing you last exported at that workstation. 

You will also find there a user guide in Acrobat (.pdf) called "Power Closer and Word Merge" (or "Power Closer and WordPerfect Merge"). This will help you set things up and get off on the right foot.

See also Setting Power Closer's options for merging documents