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Power Closer HUD program

 HUD-1 Program

If you are a real estate closing professional looking for a basic HUD program that's easy to use, Power Closer Jr. is a likely choice, but don't overlook the FREE Power Closer demo. This demo real estate closing software includes the HUD settlement statement forms. The demo is very easy to use, and might be all you need.

HUD-1 Form

All versions of Power Closer real estate closing software calculate and print the HUD-1 form. Please note that Power Closer 4 does not presently print the HUD-1A form.

Closing professionals who only use the HUD-1 form sporadically have told us the free demo is all they need, and we tell them they're welcome to use it as long as they like. It looks, feels and performs very much like the paid product, so it has been a good way to get off to a running start. However, the demo has not yet been updated to print the 2010 HUD-1 form.

The demo version of Power Closer real estate closing software prints the HUD settlement statement as the traditional HUD form. When you change the settlement date, loan amount, sales price, or other items on the HUD settlement statements, the demo recalculates everything that the paid program calculates, including the prorations, recording charges, totals on the HUD-1 form, and closing check allocations on the Balance Sheet.

No training needed

The interface is based on the familiar HUD-1 Settlement Statement form. As with the paid product, no software training is needed. A real estate closing professional should be able to install the demo, enter a simple closing, and print out the HUD settlement statement and a balance sheet in about fifteen minutes or so.

Power Closer closing software prints a "Pre-Closing Draft" banner on the HUD-1 form until you change the Status of the closing to Ready to Close. For a concise introduction to using the demo, including a clear statement of the demo's limitations, see Basics of Using Power Closer real estate closing software.

Power Closer's free version is upgradeable

At the point where you have a dependable volume of HUD closings that justifies spending money on real estate closing software, you can upgrade from the free Power Closer HUD software to a paid version of Power Closer real estate closing software to add additional features. For a chart comparing features of the demo and several paid versions of the product, see Help with choosing real estate closing software.

See also: RESPA, Reg X and the HUD-1 Form

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