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How you organize word processing forms and document files

It helps to be clear about how your word processing files are organized before setting up or adjusting Power Closer's merge options.

In particular, if you have a network with multiple users, it helps to be clear about how forms and closing documents are (or are not) to be shared across the network.

  • Will you be keeping the merge forms:

    1. in the same place as documents, or

    2. in separate individual Forms folders, one for each user, or 

    3.  in one single, shared Forms folder for everyone, or 

    4. grouped separately in a subfolder of (1), (2), 
      or (3), which may be called Power Closer Forms?

  • Will you be saving closing documents: 

    1. each user in his or her own separate folder, or 

    2. all together in one single, shared folder for all users, or 

    3. grouped separately by closing in subfolders of (x) or (y), one subfolder for each closing? Power Closer can automatically create this folder and name it with the closing’s file name.

MS Word file locations

In MS Word, select the Tools menu item, click on Options, and select the File Locations tab to view or adjust these settings for a particular workstation. MS Word has special settings for the "User templates" folder and the "Workgroup templates" folder. When you create a "New" document from within Word, Word presents the contents of these folders as a starting point for the new document. Forms that are shared by several people may be located in a single shared Word's "Workgroup templates" folder. Forms that are not shared may be located in Word's "User templates" folder. A refinement of these approaches is to group Power Closer forms in a subfolder of either or both the "User templates" folder and/or the "Workgroup templates" folder.

For a more thorough orientation, see Working with Microsoft Word Templates—The Foundation by Charles Kyle Kenyon, Kenyon Law Offices, Madison, Wisconsin, or consult your favorite Microsoft Word reference.

WordPerfect file locations

In WordPerfect, go to the Preferences menu item and select File to view or adjust these settings for a particular workstation. Some WordPerfect users have shared their merge forms in a shared documents folder, a shared "Merge/Macro" folder or a shared forms folder accessed by a shortcut from the documents folder, or they may optionally group Power Closer forms in a subfolder of one of those folders called Power Closer Forms.

Windows shortcuts

In addition to accessing forms and documents from within the word processor, some people like to use Windows shortcuts to access them by clicking on the Windows Desktop. For example, a firm might keep all closings in a centralized Closings folder on the network, or might have set Power Closer automatically to create a separate subfolder for each closing in the centralized Closings folder. In either case, each user might also have a Windows shortcut that points to the shared Closings folder. Such a shortcut might be placed in the word processor's Documents folder and/or on the user's desktop.


When you are clear about how you are organizing word processing files, you can proceed to set up or adjust Power Closer's merge options.