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... For the office manager

Did you know?

All versions of Power Closer can be networked

If you have a Local Area Network, you can all see and edit the real estate closings in Power Closer from your own workstation. A Multi-User version will let several users work at the same time. Details.

You can e-mail or fax the HUD-1 form

See printer setup.

Document automation

This is becoming easier and more versatile. See Merging Documents.

Power Closer calculates checks automatically

They say this is the nicest thing about Power Closer Jr.  The learning curve is about ten or twenty minutes. This is about calculating checks, as distinct from exporting or printing them. See Balancing the Closing.

Produce checks automatically

It may take an hour to get oriented but this can provide a solid productivity boost in short order. See Checks and Three-Way Trust Accounting

If you are not sure whether to start exporting checks, see Reasons why we didn't start sooner

If you enter checks manually into QuickBooks or Quicken

You can easily enter data in the same way that Power Closer would have done. If you later start exporting the bookkeeping data to produce checks, then reports and three-way trust accounting will be seamless across that change.

If you have multiple users or offices

Your firm may need more than one Power Closer license. You may contact us to verify what licenses you have and what licenses you need.

Additional User upgrades are available to increase the number of simultaneous Power Closer users at one physical site.

The Power Closer database should be backed up

Don't forget to test backup and restore process periodically to verify that it works. You may put the database on a server that is being backed up anyway, or run Power Closer's backup feature.