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Power Closer




There are three levels of Power Closer real estate closing software to fill a variety of needs. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice: 

Power Closer Jr. Single User $295.00
Power Closer Standard Single User $495.00
Power Closer 2 User Site license $695.00
Additional Users over 2 at same site $200.00

You can upgrade your closing software from one level to the next for the difference in cost plus shipping. 

Each level of Power Closer has everything that's in the lower  level, plus additional features and capabilities, as follows.

Power Closer Jr.

  • Produces the HUD-1 closing statement, optional informal separate Buyers and Sellers Closing Statements, a Balance Sheet from which you can produce your checks, a certificate to avoid 1099 reporting, and Sellers' Copies of 1099's that can be handed out at closing. There is no set limit to the number of closings you can save into the Power Closer database.
  • Does not include the word processing interface, the accounting interface, the closing file copy feature, or the ability to copy or move closings from the Power Closer database to a closing archive, but is otherwise identical to the Standard version..
  • Can use the optional 1099 Annual Report Program.
  • Several users can connect to the same database file, so that everyone can see and edit the same closings, one person at a time in accordance with the single user license.

Power Closer Standard adds four features

  • The accounting interface enables you to import the checks and deposits into Quicken 98 through 2004, QuickBooks, and other software that works with either of the two Intuit transaction formats known as Intuit Interchange Format (".iif" files) or Quicken Interchange Format (".qif" files). This makes check preparation and trust account reconciliation and analysis all very quick, easy and responsive to your needs.
  • The word processing interface lets you merge data from Power Closer real estate closing software into your WordPerfect or Microsoft Word documents.
  • The copy-a-closing feature lets you to copy an individual closing to disk, work with it on a laptop or off-site computer running Power Closer, and later copy it back into the Power Closer database.
  • Move or copy closings to or from archive by date range. Use Windows File Search to do full-text searches of the archive by closing. This can also be used to consolidate databases.

The 2-User Networkable Site level

  • May be used by any two people at the same time, as long as they are doing closings under the name of the same settlement agent company at the same site. It's okay for any of those people to be networked or not networked. If networked, users can share and work on the same closing at the same time. Includes Standard features. 
  • Additional simultaneous users can be added as needed.

1099 Reporting

The optional 1099 Annual Report Program requires Power Closer Jr. or better. It normally ships in December, and need not be ordered until the close of the first year to be reported. It is designed to be used year after year without additional cost until it is outdated by a change in IRS's reporting specifications. This module costs $89.00 and can be mailed to you separately for $2.00.

Support and Guarantee

Power Closer comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 90 days of toll free technical support. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Georgia customers add sales tax at their county's rate.

Additional toll free technical support is available. The cost of Annual Support is $59.00 at the Jr. level, $79.00 at the Standard level, and $109.00 for everyone at a single site at the Multi-User level for a full year of toll free technical support.

Shipping and ordering

Shipping and handling is $10. Or we ship on your UPS or FedEx account at no extra charge.

Please phone to purchase.

If you fax your order to us, either use a credit card or attach a copy of the signed check you're mailing same day.

Please note that the settlement agent firm name you give us will print in Block H of the HUD Settlement Statement form. For each closing, you can add any individual settlement person in front of that and any address below it.

Power Closer features

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See also: Powercloser 4 for the 2010 HUD-1