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Power Closer Support Index


Support Advisories

Common Problems

Some common problems may be diagnosed by reviewing the
Power Closer Troubleshooting Tips.

For the Office Manager

Get a quick orientation to Power Closer on our Planning page.

See also, considerations about bookkeeping software.

For the Systems Administrator

The designated technical support person can get clear about:

Power Closer Orientation

The person who uses Power Closer on a daily basis can review the following items:

Downloading software updates

If you maintain Annual Support, you can get a user name and password for downloading the Power Closer 3 software and user guide update available in our Updates Area

See also: Power Closer Updates

You can download the update from any location (including your home) and create a CD to install the software. However, you must install the update at a licensed site.

The Power Closer 3 Update CD is a convenient alternative to downloading the update.

Beta Testers

If you are part of the beta test program and have a beta test username and password, you can go to the beta test area.
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