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Troubleshooting Power Closer 2.x and 3.0

Users of (16-bit) Power Closer 2.9 and 3.0 were offered updates and advised in writing in November 2002 to update to a current (32-bit) version of Power Closer to avoid problems that tend to happen with outdated software. These problems tend to appear unexpectedly after making a change to the computer system such as installing software or hardware, and occasionally render Power Closer unusable. The most common problems relate to setting up and using printers. 

Power Closer normally installs and runs without difficulty. Re-starting Windows usually solves problems caused by Windows. Here are other items that it may be helpful for you to know about. You may also find relevant help on the main Tips page.


Power Closer 2.x and 3.0 Tips


Printer errors

1) Laser printers require 2MB of memory to print the 14" HUD-1 document. Use the printer properties screen to check how your printer is equipped.  If you need more printer memory, call S.A. Technologies, Inc. at 800 808-8356 or go to S.A. Technologies, Inc. and look under printer memory.

2) The printer paper size and paper source must be set up correctly in Power Closer. Use the Options...Workstation menu item to get to the printer setup screens and check there.

3) If printing through a network, the network printer must be "captured" to an LPT port. Use your printer properties screen to capture the port, then set up the printer in Power Closer.

4) "Illegal Function Call" using HP PCL6 or PCL5e printer driver. Switch to a PostScript printer driver, or use the PCL5e driver and set printer properties to "Print True Type fonts as Graphics."

5) If you have problems setting printer options in an old version of Power Closer, you may need to update Power Closer.

"Could not open database: 53 File not found"

This error is caused by other application programs that have installed incomplete versions of Windows system software. If you see this error, copy the MSAJT200.EX file from the Power Closer Accessory Disk. Rename the file MSAJT200.EXE and run the MSAJT200.EXE program. This will install files that are missing on your system.

If you do not have the MSAJT200.EXE file, you can download it here. This 570KB file takes only a few minutes to download and install.

Download MSAJT200.EXE file (570KB)

After you download the file, RUN MSAJT200.EXE to install the file.

"Repairing Database"

If you see this message, it means the database was not closed properly. This could be due to a power failure, turning off the computer, Local Area Network (LAN) problems, etc. Power Closer is designed to detect that the database was not closed properly and repair the problem. In the case where there are multiple users sharing the database, all running copies of Power Closer must first be shut down before the database can be repaired.

"... is not an index in this table"

If you see this message, your database is corrupted. This is usually a result of network errors. The Power Closer Accessory disk contains a program that may fix your database. Copy the FIXINDEX.EXE program to the directory containing your database directory and run FIXINDEX.

If you do not have FIXINDEX.EXE file, you can download it here.

Download FIXINDEX.EXE file (22KB)

"Incompatible database version"

Look in c:\windows\system directory on all workstations and ensure that all workstations are running the same (later, not earlier) versions of VBDB300.DLL, MSAJT112.DLL and MSAJT200.DLL.

Other problems:

Problems entering dates are caused by an incorrect system date format in the Windows Control Panel. Go to Control Panel, Regional Settings, Date Format, and set the date format to M/d/yy.

If you get an "Error reading drive A:" message during installation then you may have either a bad disk, or a disk drive that is slightly out of alignment. If you have access to another computer, you may try running the SCANDISK program. If no error is reported, try copying the diskette using the DISKCOPY program on the other machine, then install using the copied disk.

If you installed Power Closer but it does not run properly, the program may not be installed correctly. This may happen even though no errors are reported during installation. The most likely cause is that some other program was running during installation and this prevented the installation of newer copies of some file(s) because of the file(s) being in use by the other program(s). Programs that are known to cause this installation problem include MS Office Manager Toolbar, some Virus checking programs and some Printer and Scanner management programs. To re-install, use the Windows TASK MANAGER to shut down the other programs and re-run the SETUP program. It should not be necessary to remove or un-install any files. If you are still getting a problem, then it may be necessary to temporarily remove any program(s) from your Windows StartUp folder, then re-boot Windows and run the SETUP program.