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What's new at this website:

11/16/12 Prior year's 1099 report programs still work for TY 2012
12/2/11 Moving Power Closer to a new computer
11/8/11 Prior year's 1099 report programs still work for TY 2011
10/14/11 Help with clearing and tracking releases and satisfactions
12/29/10 IRS changed 1099 report specifications
12/27/10 Updates for both Power Closer 3 and Power Closer 4
8/16/10 Software update improves printing of HUD-1
7/8/10 Show principal amount of loan outside the column
6/21/10 Cure transfer tax in 1200 section by POC
6/7/10 HUD lines 1207 and 1208 are added to Power Closer
4/2/10 Power Closer 4's on-line help system is updated.
3/16/10 Credit on line 204/205 to cure tolerance violation
2/25/10 Splitting line 1101 in the comparison chart 
2/17/10 PC 4.0.17 reinstates Schedule of Additional Disbursements
2/1/10 For our users: Introduction to using Power Closer 4
1/11/10 Power Closer 4.0.08 update is available.
1/8/10 Prior year's 1099 report programs still work for TY 2009.
11/26/09 Power Closer 4 does not presently print form HUD-1A
11/24/09 Power Closer 4 is being beta tested.
8/13/09 New RESPA Rule FAQs
6/17/09 Don't upgrade Microsoft Money to Microsoft Money Plus.
5/15/09 HUD withdrew revision of "required use" from 2010 rule.
4/16/09 QuickBooks limits that affect Power Closer users
1/12/09 See ALTA's RESPA Reform Resource Center.
11/21/08 1099-S report program for Tax Year 2008 is available.
11/17/08 HUD published its RESPA Final Rule
11/12/08 IRS changes that may affect your 1099-S reporting
10/21/08 HUD-1 form on letter size paper
3/6/08 Creating a check for the Yield Spread Premium
2/12/08 Power Closer 3.3.04 is released.
12/18/07 Tips: QuickBooks reconciliation
12/14/07 Power Closer 3.3.03 is released.
11/8/07 New 1099-S reporting program is available.
10/9/07 Power Closer Demo 3.3 is released.
9/20/07 Power Closer closing software 3.3.01 is released.
8/28/07 Like Kind Exchanges
4/17/07 Power Closer users' websites updated 
3/8/07 How to edit the footnote on the HUD-1
2/27/07 Power Closer closing software 3.2.40 is released.
1/22/07 Change affecting sales of a principal residence
9/12/06 Form 1099-S reporting procedures have changed.
7/19/06 Tip: "I printed okay yesterday, but I can't print today."
3/6/06 Help with Product Selection (feature grid)
2/2/06 Power Closer's Status button
12/8/05 Free CutePDF Writer for e-mailing HUD's
11/8/05 How you organize word processing forms and files
11/8/05 Setting up Power Closer's merge options
11/8/05 QuickBooks Simple Start Edition doesn't import checks
9/12/05 1099 Annual Report Program may be reused
7/18/05 Support area expanded
6/23/05 Power Closer order form in pdf format
6/23/05 ICLE's Residential Closing Checklist
6/23/05 Fidelity's forms
6/23/05 Power Closer users' websites updated 
5/25/05 LandAmerica SingleSourceŽ forms and resources
11/1/04 Power Closer 3.2.30 has been released
10/23/04 Quicken 2005 support advisory
8/23/04 Uniform Instruments in Word format
8/23/04 Updated Power Closer users websites
1/30/04 E-mailing HUD-1 settlement statements
1/30/04 Endorsement of Weldon P. Phillips Jr., Esq.
1/30/04 Excel amortization schedule template
1/29/04 National Directory of Abstractors, Surveyors, etc. 
1/29/04 Excel 97/Lotus 4 spreadsheets for escrow adjustments
1/28/04 Updated Power Closer users websites
10/15/03 Power Closer closing software 3.2.20 released
7/28/03 Updated Power Closer users websites
4/28/03 "Streamlining your closing practice"
3/10/03 Power Closer 3.2.17 released
2/11/03 Updated Power Closer users websites
10/4/02 Power Closer 3.2.15 released
5/20/02 Updated Power Closer order form
2/20/02 Updated Power Closer users on the web
6/29/01 Greenbrier Graphics Deed Plotter
6/21/01 Endorsements of Power Closer real estate closing software
3/9/01 Quicken 2001 does not import check addresses
1/16/01 FNMA/FHLMC forms in word processing format.
12/15/00 Plat Pronto makes plats from legal descriptions
10/27/00 Power Closer real estate closing software 3.2 released.
10/6/00 Making changes and reports in accounting system
8/22/00 Update to Balancing the Closing
5/4/00 Update to Power Closer Troubleshooting Tips
5/4/00 Balancing the Closing
4/26/00 FNMA extends 7/1/00 forms deadline.
4/11/00 Stewart Title's forms.
4/10/00 Source for Printer RAM: S.A. Technologies, Inc.
4/7/00 Underwriting Library of First American Title.
4/7/00 ABA's list of attorneys who prepare out-of-state deeds.
4/7/00 Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac forms available online.